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We are a team of professionals with over ten years consulting and coaching experience with Startups and SMEs.

We provide guidance and support to new, Startup businesses to raise capital, attract the right team members and reduce risk.
We help established companies to stay ahead of their competitors, achieve sustainable, profitable growth or solve a specific problem, by providing them with strategic advice, business solutions and practical support.

We believe that beating around the bush will only leave you there. Therefore, our style is a direct and honest to everything. We deliver specific advices and guidance to ensure that your business is moving in the right direction and at the right speed.

Industries served

Life Science:
Food and Beverage:

8 Senior Consultants

2 Locations

Infinite Ideas

Why BizDonut?

Turning a concept into a successful business might look like a difficult task. We believe there is much more into it than stress and stumbles.

That’s why we are here to give you a different and fresh perspective. We see the building of a complete, healthy business more like baking a perfectly shaped dessert…say, a donut. There are several elements that make your business not only look but also taste good to your investors or clients. We will take you through all the stages this final result requires.

Moreover, we support the business after the development stage, when you already have established your business “bakery” and it’s time to grow it to its full potential.


Meet Our Team

Viktor Todorov

Viktor Profile

Founder, Business Development Expert

Sectors: Digital, Lifescience, Logistics, Service

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Jasper Spencer

Jasper Profile

Sales Strategy and Business Development Expert

Sectors: Electronics, Cleantech, Digital

View Profile

Nick Pope, PhD

Business Development, IP,  Expert

Sectors: Lifescience, Pharma

View Profile

Martin Holmes

Business Development, Sales and Marketing Expert

Sectors: Digital, Service,  Wholesale

View Profile

Ruth Dolby

Technology & Distribution Process Expert

Sectors: Food&Beverage Manufacturing & Processing

View Profile

Steve Walker

Industrial Manufacturing and Process Expert 

Sectors: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

View Profile

Nathalia Prieto

Grant Writing, Business Development Expert

Sectors: Digital, Service,  CleanTech

View Profile

Debbie Clarke

Online Marketing  and Media expert

Sectors: Digital, Service, Social, Education

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