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Does This Sound like You?


  • Your company is trading for some time now

  •  You have found your sweet spot and have established good relationship with your customers

  • You’d like to raise external capital

  • You’d like to manage your team more effectively

  • You are currently experiencing problems after recent fast growth

  • You’d like to expand your business and take it to the next level

  • You need to enhance and promote your brand



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If you are experiencing any of the problems below…

Lack of Formal Procedure and Discipline

1. Discipline

Naturally, many companies have found their way of doing things over time. However, when you employ more and more people or delegate new responsibilities to existing team members, you start losing control and some of the activities start to look a bit chaotic.

Introducing new procedures may be painful and effect negatively different aspects of your business.

We have experience in introducing change programmes in large corporations which we adapted to the needs of small and medium companies. We can help you reduce the documentation the critical ones and develop a robust quality management system which guarantees the smooth running of your business.


Lack of Financial Control

2. Lack of financial control

Many companies experience difficulties in effectively managing their finances. As a result they waste significant resources which could be used differently otherwise. It is common for a company to be at “reactive” mode when fire fighting.

We help in identifying the gaps, organising the finances, prioritising the expenses, tighten the money flow control, developing procedures and training the team.

Attracting the right team members

3. Team

Building a strong team in the early days is both critical and perhaps the hardest thing to do. The key is to have a clear vision and communicate it with the right people. But before all this you need to identify who do you need in your team and when.

You need a digital presence but you don’t know where to start from


Regardless of the nature of your business you need to consider your digital presence if you like to be competitive. But there are so many ways, platforms, and offers. It is not a problem to find information but to find the right one for you. Our experts will help you save months in reading, watching tutorials and significantly reduce the risk of investing in the wrong solutions.

Lack of Experience of Using Consultants

8. No experience with consultant

You need external help but feel that the consultant costs is too high and you can  handle it with yourself or with your own staff. Or you have tried already but feel frustrated.

Using consultant is like using any other resource. You need good planning and tight management. Like your own employees your consultant can be ineffective if not hired for the right purpose and managed well.

A good consultant often save time and effort, and help to prevent pitfalls during the critical stages of the development and execution of your business.

…then BizDonut is just what you need

We offer four levels of support:



For business owners requiring mostly monitoring and control of agreed strategy for achieving particular milestones. 1 Monthly Skype/telephone meeting of up to 1.5 hours.



For situations when business is in change like develop or restructuring. 2 Monthly Skype/telephone meetings of up to 1.5 hours, plus telephone support as needed.

On Demand

On Demand

We Evaluate your business website looking at: the  look and feel of the website;  organization and layout;  functionality; identity. We can also help you choosing the right type of platform and select development provider.



We have a series of courses to address various aspects of your business and help you grow. You’ll be assigned to a leading senior coach and have access to all team members and will be provided with a specific toolset to complete the course.

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